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  • Mixed_Berries_Vegan_Chocolate_Mousse_Vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • Laurie`s Favourite Brown Rice Salad.jpg
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  • Singapore_Noodle_with_Tofu.jpg
  • Fruit_Crisp_Vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • Cabbage_Leek_Casserole_Dinners.jpg
  • Tapioca_Pudding_Fresh_Mango_Vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • Cabbage_Rolls_vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • Aspragus_Mushrom_Saute_Feta_Vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • Tomato_Boccomcini_salad_vegmenufortheweek.gif
  • Grilled_Veg_Grilled_Cheese_Vegmenufortheweek.JPG
  • Mango_Protein_Shake_Vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • Tofu_Breakfast_Sausage_Tempeh_Avocado_Toast_Vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • Grilled_Veggie_Burger_with_Curry_Mayo_VegMenuForTheWeek.jpg
  • Nutty_Maccaroons_vegmenuforthweek.jpg
  • Grilled_Vegetable_Couscous_VegMenuForTheWeek.JPG
  • Vegan_Apple_Crisp_Vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • Blueberry_muffins_vegmenufortheweek.jpg
  • BLack_Kale_Napa_Cabbaga_Slaw_Vegmenufortheweek.jpg

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We'll send you a full week of recipes and complete the grocery list. It's emailed directly to you so all you have to do is print the recipes and shopping list. All of the combing through cookbooks to find meals your family will like is done for you! We tell you exactly:

  • What ingredients to buy in a convenient shopping list
  • What meals to cook for the week


I am trying the eat vegetarian for the first time and my husband and I loved the first week of recipes. They were so unique and delicious.

Cheryl - Virginia, USA

I just signed up for the Menu for the Week... had some of the rice salad and a noodle dish with chopped almonds and garlic last night and oh my goodness, I don't think I have ever loved food so much... seriously!  I Didn't realize how inexpensive it is per year!  I signed up for it and have done a shout out for my friends on Facebook!

Leah, ON
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